Commission Prices


– Commissions offered on this page is for personal use only.  If you want to use my artwork for commercial purposes, send me an email and we’ll discuss the change in payment.
– Please do not cancel your orders. If you do, I am unable to offer a refund since I more then likely have already started working on the piece.
– All payments are to be paid in advance for personal commissions.  For commercial payment I am willing to be paid half up front then the other half before I send the final product.
– I will need your email address in order to send you the full resolution image. Please give me your email address before I finish the commission.
– Commercial work will be prioritized over personal work but the usual turnaround for a simple art piece is 2-3 weeks. For more complicated piece it will take longer but I will make sure to check in with you each week to give you a progress report.
-If you want me to send you WIPs and/or an initial rough sketch, please state so in your note. Otherwise I’ll take full freedom on the pose and expression of the character/s (based on the information you provided, of course).
-Please send your payment within 24hs after I’ve accepted your order to be added to the confirmed list.
-I’ll send you a png in full size after I’ve finished your picture, and I will only upload a resized version to my DA or Portfolio (usually 840 x 1120 pixels, jpg format)
– At this time I only accept payments through paypal. I will give out my paypal address once your order has been confirmed.
Will NOT Do:
> Porn
> Excessive violence/blood/gore
> Anything that may be offensive to its viewer (ie. religion, race, sexual content, no shojo-ai, shounen-ai, hentia, yaoi or yuri )
>Canon characters with original characters
>Real people and/or anything that I find offensive.

Price list:


  • Concept:

  • FullChibi Avatar: $35.00–(without base/mini bg)
    High Resolution available (about 1500px 300dpi)
  • Bustshot: $40single character only
    Size: 800 x 600(300dpi)
  • Waist/Thigh-up: $60–(+$20 for additional characters)
    Size: 1200 x 1696 (300dpi)
    Up to 2 characters per picture
  • Fullbody: $100–(+$25 for additional characters)
    Size: 1200 x 1696 (300dpi)
    Up to 2 characters per picture
  • Illustration/CG

  • Waist/Thigh-up: $120
  • Fullbody: $150
  • Complex BG: + $30

  • Backgrounds

  • Depending on how complex $110-$250
  • Visual Novel Sprites

  • Starting at $100. This includes a full-body pose, 1 outfit, and 5 expressions of your choice. Any additional pose will cost +$50, additional outfit are +$30, and additional expression are +$25


    If you’re interested in commissioning me, please fill out this form and send it to me in an email with the Subject  “Commission”. Thank you so much! ♥
  • Name:
    Art Type
    (concept/illustration, bust/thighup/fullbody):
    Character references
    (be as specific as possible, text descriptions are accepted at the risk of the final pic not coming out the way you wanted):

    Notes (anything in particular you don’t want me to miss):
    (how much you are paying in total):



FullChibi Avatar:

35.00 USD (without base/mini bg)

special_commission_sale_by_sky_morishita-d7y1ms2 copy

Doddle cookie gift Doddle baking gift Doodle pudding gift Doddle gift Postcard


  • Notes:
    Concept art is standing character with plain or no BG,

princess copy tree Struggle Beautiful

Shira&Reiya finishedart What time is it?



  • Notes: Illustration is more advanced composition with backgrounds and more detailed lightingvalentineoriana-jae-hwa

Jae-hwa and Oriana Prince LonelleBackgrounds:

Library Barnyard forest1

City of Oliver
City of Oliver
Bedroom morning
Bedroom morning


Berri Fall
Berri Fall
Livingroom evening
Livingroom evening

Character Sprites:

sprites-sheet1 sprites-sheet2

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